FishHawk Moms & Dads LOVE these Kids Martial Arts Classes that Help Their Kids Get Stronger, Healthier, and Safer! 

Our classes aren't just punching and kicking. They're about helping Kids Like Yours Develop on the Inside. The Result: The most life-changing, Character Building, and FUN activity for kids!
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To a Loving Parent...
My name is Manny Cabrera, I'm the President and Chief Instructor at Sidekicks Family Martial Arts Centers...that's me hamming it up with one of my three sons.

I grew up training in the martial arts and I haven't looked back. For me, it was a "no-brainer" to become an instructor and help young people learn the same lessons I learned training in my parents' martial arts school all those years ago.

Why? Because as you'll quickly discover, martial arts is about so much more than kicking, punching, and earning belts. It's about developing students into becoming the best version of themselves mentally, physcially, socially, and emotionally!

With every class we teach, we are committed to helping your child developing unshakable character, confidence, focus, and respect.

And, most important to your child, it's a ton of FUN!

As a parent myself, I'm constantly looking for great influences on my kids. That's why I love teaching martial arts to kids in FishHawk, Valrico, and Riverview and I KNOW your kids are going to LOVE training.

So, please check out the rest of this page to find out exactly how your kids will benefit from our fun martial arts classes and how your family can get started today!

Make it a powerful day!

Manny Cabrera​​​​​​​
Every Class is Packed Full of These Benefits!
Better Fitness and Exercise That's Full of Action and FUN!
With video games, smart phones, computers, and's getting harder and harder for kids to get exercise.

We've solve the problem in every class. Every session is a FUN, full-body workout for your child!

They'll stay healthy and strong...developing balance, coordination, and strength...PLUS they'll develop habits for life

Even better, our program is EXTREMELY safe.
Self-Defense Skills That Keep Your Child Safe!
While fitness, fun, and personal development are the main focuses of our martial arts learn how to effectively defend themselves.

No bully will ever cause them fear or humiliation.

But we also teach kids about physical conflict avoidance and resolution. Talking things our is always the first step.

In fact, most siguations can be resolved by learning effective conflict resolution skills BEFORE things get physical. But...just in case, your child will know how to defend himself or herself and escape.
Powerful Character that gives Your Child an Unfair Advantage at Life!

One of the many cool components of our Recipe for Success here at Sidekicks Family martial Arts Center is our Powerful Words Character Development System.

Understanding that our members deserve the very best, we’ve gone ahead and brought in internationally acclaimed Child/Adolescent Development Specialist Dr. Robyn Silverman to provide a world class Personal Development System for our members.

Athletes will benefit from Power Chats that focus on a monthly Powerful Character Word as well as a monthly Character Project to further solidify the lessons taught on the mat.

The Powerful Words system will positively impact your child at our gym, at school, and most importantly at the game of life!

Fun, Fun, Fun!
Working hard in class is a must in order to gain all the benefits that Martial Arts has to offer...

But what keeps kids coming class after class is that they're so much fun! they're a great place to socialize, make friends, get support, develop positive role modes, and have a blast!
Life Changing Results for Kids!
Our Parents Speak Out!
"The instructors are incredibly patient and kind and help direct him so that he can learn without resorting to scolding or punitive measures. The environment is positive and fun. I am so happy this is where we chose to start his journey in structured activities. I think he's going to grow a lot during" - Alli H. (via Facebook)
"My daughter is a high functioning Asperger child, and had greatly struggled with coordination and confidence before she joined. The progress she has made in not just her physical abilities, but also in her personal life are just beyond words. She is now goal driven and puts no limits on herself when it comes to working her tail off for something. Although I would love to take credit for that, I have to attribute a lot of it to the motivation that has come from her Sidekicks instructors and family. They are AMAZING. " - Betsey P. (via Facebook)
"I am so happy to have found Sidekicks for our Family. My two boys 7 and 4 love their classes and the instructors are top notch. They are really engaging with the kids and the programs are structured really well for each age group." - Laura W. (via Facebook)
"The folks at Sidekicks are honest, trustworthy, warm, kind and respectful. Truly the best of the best!" - Jason S. (via Facebook)
Clean and Safe Facility
A DAILY top-to-bottom cleaning and up-to-date equipment ensures that we give your child an environment that he/she will LOVE!
Passionate and Qualified Instructors
Our instructors are martial artists, too. Many started with us when they were kids just like yours. They're driven, focused individuals. Martial Arts is our life, not a hobby!
Positive and Uplifting Community
The friendships made in our martial arts classes can last a lifetime. Kids learn, grow, and excel together! This helps them grow into well adjusted and successful adults!
Grab Our AMAZING Web Special.
Enter your email now for instant access to our TOP SECRET web special
and schedule of classes.
 Please note: Available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! Hurry!

Plus, we'll send you Tips on Building Your Child's Confidence

*We value your privacy and will never share your information with anyone, ever!

If you live in FishHawk, Lithia, Valrico, Riverview, Bloomingdale, Brandon, Seffner, Gibsonton, or Apollo Beach Hillsborough County, Florida, then you're close enough to train with us!
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